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        Top 5 Tips to Sell Your Nashville House Fast

        The Nashville housing market is in the Top 10 of the country right now, which means there are several great opportunities to be had.

        If you’re trying to sell your home fast, there are several tips you can abide by. Selling your home quickly and successfully means that your potential return on investment (ROI) may go higher than usual. On top of that, you can use the cash in any way that suits you.

        When you’re trying to sell your Nashville house as quickly as possible and on your own terms, talk to a reputable Realtor and follow these tips below to get the help you need.

        1. Get to Know the Neighborhood and Its Selling Points

          There are lots of different Nashville neighborhoods, and each has its own charm and selling point. When you know what makes your home’s neighborhood amazing, it’s a lot easier to sell it to prospective buyers. Use the neighborhood to your advantage because when you know the area, your home will be a much easier sell.

          Nashville is a city known for its higher education and is often referred to as “Athens of the South”. There are institutions like Meharry Medical College, Vanderbilt, Belmont, Lipscomb, and Fisk University in the city. You have an advantage if your home is near these areas. If that’s not the case, your Realtor can identify your home’s other unique selling propositions.

          Here are some features you can add to the listing to list down the selling points of your neighborhood:

          • Urban neighborhood features – more potential buyers are interested in convenient neighborhoods, walking-distance landmarks, local malls, and coffee shops.
          • Transportation and infrastructure – potential buyers and residents want convenient transportation and beneficial infrastructure properties. Highlight the modes of transportation outside the walls of the property.
          • Influx of job and other opportunities – some buyers may stay permanently in Nashville, so you might want to highlight the strength of the city’s job market.
        2. Price the House to Sell

          The pricing dilemma can be stressful, so it’s important to find a Realtor that can list the home at a fair price point. You need someone who’s wise and fair at pricing houses. You’ll have the best chance to make a sale if your home sells within the first 30 days of listing as demand and interests can decrease after 20 days. As such, make sure that the deal is sweet for buyers in the area.

          To price the property just right, a Realtor can look for comparable listings and sales online and offline. They can look for similar for-sale houses around the area or in similar neighborhoods, and check other listings’ change in prices.

          One technique most Realtors take advantage of is the law of supply and demand. Don’t be afraid when your Realtor assigns low prices as you’ll soon receive multiple offers to host biddings. You have the right to decline smaller offers if there are more promising potential buyers who are desperate to buy the property. Always settle for a price range that is mutually beneficial and advantageous to both buyers and sellers.

        3. Work With The Hach Group to Create A Marketing Plan

          Good marketing can increase the value of your property, so create a solid marketing plan led by reputable Realtors before putting your property in the market. You need to use every idea at your disposal to sell your home. Since online listings are where and how home sales happen now, be resourceful and capitalize on every bit of multimedia possible.

          The Hach Group can help you connect with reputable marketing and creative professionals to create a strong marketing strategy to sell your home. We can tap photographers, advertisers, and editors to promote your listing using the necessary marketing materials. Just give us time to find the most important details and selling points of the property, and let the creative juices of these professionals come up with unique ways to promote and sell it.

        4. Prepare the Home for a Viewing

          If you have some viewers walking in, then you’re ready to sell your property. A prior visit from your Realtor/s can give you insights on what needs to be done before home viewing, but you may need help from a professional like Joe Hach to perfectly stage a picture-perfect house.

          Do everything in your power to plan a home viewing that not only shows why your home is valuable but also inspires people to want to live there. It should look and feel clean and comfortable. The house needs to get a good first impression from potential buyers so that they can put you as a priority on their list of potential sellers.

          Stage the home in a way that shows off the best features, and de-personalize it so that visitors can imagine themselves living there. You may want to highlight features from the garden, living room, or kitchen. Make the house look appealing even when it’s bare. There are professional home stagers and interior designers that can help you set up your viewing in a way that is productive. It’s best to hire freelance professionals and set multiple meetings in one week, so potential buyers can all see the house in its best and barest state.

          Once the entirety of the house is ready for viewing, your Realtor can organize the house tour for you so you won’t miss out on the important features of the house. Above everything, you should know that these Realtors shouldn’t just focus on hard-sell advertising, they should also give potential buyers the actual information they need. And here at The Hach Group, it’s something we always strive to do.

        5. Fix Anything That Needs Repair

          Make sure that you also fix issues and equipment that would deter people from buying the house. The house should look and feel brand new. First and foremost, check the functionality and safety of the basic utilities. Make sure that the ceilings are strong, the light is working, the floors are clean, and the initial furniture is safe to use. Most buyers would spend some time checking the exteriors, so you might want to focus your attention there.

          Don’t hesitate to speak to a real estate agent prior to making any repairs or renovations, because they will advise you on the ones that are the most productive from a sales standpoint. Do business with licensed and insured repair contractors that can fix these issues correctly. You can hire them on a per-project basis. Afterwards, allot a budget for the repairs before you make the listings public and open your house for viewing.

        Sell Your Nashville Home as Quickly as Possible

        If you’re trying to sell your Nashville home as quickly as you can, the points above will be incredibly useful to you. You just have to follow them correctly and strategically. The closer you pay attention to detail, the better you can capitalize on the investment.

        At The Hach Group, we can assist you with all of your residential real estate needs. We specialize in helping people sell their homes fast, and would be glad to make that a reality for you.

        Take the time to reach out to us today via the web, or give us a call at 615.300.7896.

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