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        Top Reasons to Move to Nashville

        An increasing number of people are moving to Tennessee’s capital and largest city. More and more newcomers are making Nashville their home. So what’s the lure? Should you be moving too?

        Well, there are plenty of theories behind the city’s increasing popularity, but we’ve narrowed down the ten biggest reasons to move to Nashville.

        1. Melting Pot Of Cultures

          Nashville is famous for different things because the city is a melting pot of different cultures. Nashville’s cultural roots are responsible for the continued popularity of various music genres and trends, as well as the emerging popularity of coffee and craft beer communities and bar scenes.

          As a newcomer or tourist, you’ll surely find your place here. Nashville may be a big city, but it features a friendly, small-town atmosphere that welcomes all newcomers with open arms.

        2. Food Lovers’ Paradise

          If you consider yourself a food lover, you’re going to love Nashville. The city has a growing food scene and beer community. Vegan and meat lovers can definitely co-exist here. From the top-notch coffee shops, the infamous hot chicken, the killer burgers, and the annual food and wine festival, the city has something to please every kind of eater.

          To top it all off, Nashville also has a variety of local breweries and is just a 30-minute drive away from the Arrington Vineyards. Within a week of stay, you’ll surely find your local community over local beers and in-depth talks.

        3. Variety Of Economical Choices

          Nashville has managed to maintain its reputation for affordability to the average American. Compared to other metropolitan cities and states, Nashville is quite affordable. Depending on what Nashville neighborhood you’re looking at, the prices can be quite reasonable for low to middle-income earners.

        4. Parks And Recreation

          The beautiful weather in Nashville, along with its gorgeous parks, make it a very aesthetically pleasing place to be in. Tourists and newcomers can easily explore the hidden gems of the city and find peace.

          Centennial Park is perhaps the most popular of these recreational spots and even has the world’s only replica of the Parthenon in Athens. Riverfront Park is another beautiful place with fountains, plazas, and biking paths all throughout the park. However, that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Nashville is abundant with natural attractions all around the city.

        5. Land of Arts and Entertainment

          Nashville is not called the “Music City” for nothing. You’ve got the options of larger-than-life concerts at the Nissan stadium, classical events at the Schermerhorn Symphony Center, and tons of fun events happening all around the city.

          The city also hosts the CMA Music Festival every single year. So, if you’re a country fan, this one is definitely worth watching and remembering. That being said, there are plenty of other events to cater to the jazz, classical, pop, hip hop, or rock ‘n roll fans.

          In addition to the exceptionally good music scene, Nashville also has a taste for the arts. The Frist Center of Visual Arts is one of the most significant art galleries in the city with a range of fantastic works from all kinds of artists.

        6. Convenient Location

          Nashville is the capital and most populous city in Tennessee. Of course, it has a convenient location. One of the biggest reasons to move to Nashville is the accessibility and convenience it offers. It’s incredibly easy to commute through the city and within the state. If you want to get out of the town for a while, be glad to know that it’s approximately 15 – 30 minutes away from the International airport! Further, there’s usually low traffic around the neighborhood if it’s not rush hour. You can get to your desired places in a jiffy without heavy traffic.

        7. Welcoming Business Districts

          Nashville is a fast-paced city. It’s growing rapidly. Due to this, it successfully beat the odds against unemployment. Nashville is one of the biggest cities in Tennessee with the lowest unemployment rate. The Bureau of Labor Statistics has applauded Nashville’s effort to up its game time and time again. In 2018, the city ranked number 1 with a 2.7% unemployment rate, beating other metropolitan cities in the country. In December 2019, Nashville held a steady rate of 2.6%.

          Given the situation, Nashville is the perfect place for professionals with emerging careers or others who want to shift careers. If you move in and look for a job here, you’ll surely find welcoming business districts in the city.

        8. Promising Tax System

          Experts say that Tennessee is nearly on its way to becoming a genuine income-tax-free state. The state recently passed legislation to lower taxes on every resident’s unearned income (1% per year) until it completely removes income tax by 2021. This is good news to newcomers as they only have to worry about other taxes apart from their hard-earned money, such as property or real estate taxes.

          Because of Tennessee’s promising tax system, Nashville is considered as one of the best cities for individuals with a developing career path. Studies conducted by several research companies dubbed Tennessee as the fourth-best place for high-income earners and individuals who worry about state taxes.

        9. Wide Variety Of Educational Options

          If you want to continue your education or you want your children to get the best educational system there is, Nashville should be one of your top options. We’ve mentioned before that the city prioritizes its employment rate, then it’s just right that Nashville educational institutions offer some of the best curricula in the United States.

          Nashville houses top-rated and inclusive schools in the US. With these educational options, Nashville has produced a competitive, multi-language community. Residents here, especially students in Metro schools, speak over 140 languages. 30% of students speak second languages other than English at home.

        10. Neighborhoods and Properties

          Moving to Nashville requires you to have a place of your own. But don’t be scared of the transition as Nashville has the friendliest neighborhoods and plenty of real estate options. If you want to buy a property permanently, consider using our contact form to connect with a seasoned realtor who knows Nashville.

        Found Your Reasons to Move to Nashville?

        With its vibrant culture, stellar music, small-town like atmosphere and thriving economy, it’s hard not to find reasons to move to Nashville. It simply ticks all the boxes. The city speaks for itself and makes a convincing case. Nashville can offer comfort and luxury for every individual with a different occupation, monthly income, and hobby.

        So, the question then is, are you ready to take the next step? Here’s a helpful guide with everything you need to know about making the move!

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